Cogito Companies Office

To access the benefits of the Principality of Cogito, you need to register. You have the option to register for free and you can refer people to Cogito and start earning Cogito Cog.


To access the full range of advantages, you have the ability to register a trust and company in Cogito. This is a simple, cost effective way to access a secure haven for your business and protect your investments.

Trading Company

A Cogito business has the ability to utilise all of the Cogito banking facilities and manage tax and regulation issues. ,We recommend a trust and company structure to provide a platform for security of assets and control over tax liabilities. You will have the advantage of confidentiality for your business, your assets and even your name. In a world with global connections, this is a very real advantage for businesses.

Investment Company

A Cogito trust and business has the advantage of working outside the limited regulations of many countries and gives you the opportunity and ability to market in non-traditional ways. Personal and Company tax in Cogito is currently zero percent.