Network Banking

The Currency of the Principality of Cogito is called the Cog and is asset and cash backed.

MyDC Network is a global and stable digital network providing consumers, business, non-profit and governments with an asset and cash backed currency bringing together the benefits of traditional and digital currencies.

Because the Cog is linked to the Euro, you can have confidence in the strength and value of the currency. This significantly reduces the speculation and bubble risks that are predominant in other digital currencies. MyDC has systems and processes to measure the value of the Cog against the Euro in real time.

Trusts and Companies registered in Cogito will have access to a growing market of fractional investments, enabling small to large investments and helping build wealth in a way traditional banks and investment vehicles are yet to adapt.


The currency of Cogito is Cog which is a digital currency for the global economy. Unlike crypto currencies, Cog is designed to be cashed backed. For more information watch this video or visit the MyDC website.