The Principality of Cogito uses MYDC to bridge the gap between bitcoin and traditional finance; with the cog as a digital currency for everyday transactions, and provides a place for business and investment with the highest level of personal security.

The Principality of Cogito is a safe haven and a decentralised economy. In Cogito you have the ability to build wealth for both yourself and for others. You can exchange ideas and develop plans that would not be possible in a traditional model. Cogito is a safe haven for businesses and citizens alike.

The Principality of Cogito is a place of opportunity, it is more than just a figment of our imagination; it is a place where ideas are formed and possibilities are created. Cogito is a way of looking at the future and making it work in a completely different way to how things were done in the past. Cogito unites people spread around the world.

The currency of the Principality of Cogito is the Cog which is asset and cash backed.